Great Expectations

I recently bought the DVD of “Great Expectations” without really knowing what it was.  This is something I never do.  As a movie-lover, there are many, many DVDs I would like to own, so DVDs I don’t know much about just don’t make the cut.


It was there in a ‘3 for $20’ sale at ezydvd, I rightly assumed that it was based on Charles Dickens’ very famous book of the same name (that I have not read) and recognised three of the actors’ names, and strangely this was enough for me to buy it.  I didn’t read the blurb very carefully because the writing was very small, so I bought it not knowing whether it was still set in the 19th century or whether it was a modern appropriation or what.


So I watched it without knowing anything much about it, which, as you have probably figured out by now, is an unusual situation for me.  I liked it.  I think the best way to describe it is “interesting”.



Cast – Gwyneth Paltrow (Emma, Duets, View from the Top, Iron Man), Ethan Hawke (Dead Poets’ Society) and Robert De Niro (Wag the Dog, Meet the Parents, Stardust).

Year – 1998

DirectorAlfonso Cuarón

Writer – Charles Dickens, Mitch Glazer

Rating – M (Adult themes, Medium level course language, Sexual references, Low level violence

Ending – happy



The Blurb

“The moment young Finn sets his eyes on Estella, she becomes his inspiration…and his obsession.  Despite being warned, “she’ll only break your heart”, he vows to win her love.  Years later, thanks to a mysterious benefactor, aspiring artist Finn is off to New York, where he is reunited with the icy and beautiful Estella.  When she agrees to model for him, Finn’s hopes may at least be realized – along with his darkest fears!”

This blurb is pretty accurate so I won’t include much else except to say that the Lustig (Robert De Niro) subplot is really good.  Lustig is a criminal and at the beginning of the movie, an escaped prisoner.  He enters the story – and Finn’s life – early on and promptly leaves again, until near the end when he comes back into it.  He has a major impact on the events in the movie and the way in which they unfold.



The Costumes

The costumes in this movie are just right, even if they aren’t particularly exciting.  They fit the characters perfectly and seem to suit the different time periods as well.  I didn’t drool over the costumes (as I sometimes do in other movies) but I also didn’t think they were particularly ugly or wrong.  The costumes just aren’t a major part of the movie.  The styles of the costumes do change, of course, and that has its significance, but not so much for me to really take notice.


The only exception to this would be Ms Dinsmoor’s outfits.  They are pretty amazing, just like the character herself.  You’ll be able to see some of them in the pictures below.




Links IMDB, Wkipedia, ezydvd


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