I finally read Twilight!

I read Twilight yesterday and – as I expected – I really liked it.  I’m hoping to read the rest of the books in the holidays.  I don’t think I need to say how good Twilight is because everyone knows that already, so end-of-post.

ETA: Actually, not end-of-post.  I just remembered ONE thing I didn’t like in the book; Edward’s clothes.  They were only mentioned a few times, but each time they were, what I was imagining was really ugly and didn’t suit him at all.  A very small complaint really, but it just bugged me a little.

Also, I had seen this before, because I’m a regular Go Fug Yourself reader, but my best friend alerted me to it in case I hadn’t seen their “Fuglight” post and it reminded me to post the link here.  You MUST read it!


~ by vanityandpride on November 29, 2008.

One Response to “I finally read Twilight!”

  1. […] you remember me saying that I didn’t like the sound of Edward’s clothes in the book?  I have to say I much preferred his clothes in the movie, but my best friend […]

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