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  • Disney expands its reach into fashion    “Shoppers may be surprised to learn that these pricey and Mickey-free products are from the same company that foisted “Hannah Montana” on the world and turned singing Chihuahuas into a cultural touchstone. While some of the items have recognizable characters on them, others contain only winks and nods to the company’s animated movies and theme park rides. And sometimes the only hint of Disney’s involvement is on the label.”

I heard about this a while ago (last year I think), so it can’t be a brand new thing.  I’m not sure if this is part of what the article is talking about, but there is a line called Disney Couture available at

Disney Couture

“Pulled from the Disney archives and brought to life via a unique collection of Disney licensed jewellery including necklaces, pendents, earrings, cuffs and bracelets.  The Disney Couture line includes Walt Disney’s iconic Disney characters such as Bambi, Tinkerbell, and Alice in Wonderland, together with a very popular selection from the Pirates of the Carribean movies.”      Isn’t this Alice Heart Necklace gorgeous?Alice Heart Necklace

Another Disney line, is the Disney Bridal Collection.  This is an article about it from last year. 

“As young girls, we all watch the Disney princesses and dreamed of the day Prince Charming would sweep us off our feet and down the aisle. But I bet, few of us dreamed that we would have the chance to walk down that aisle in gowns inspired by those classic Disney princesses! This weekend marked the much anticipated launch of the new Disney Bridal Collection by Couture designer, Kirstie Kelly.”


The website,, has images of all of the gowns, including the special occasions collection, called Maidens.


“The mass hysteria over the new movie “Twilight” is just one hint that the combination of the erotic and the macabre is back – front and center – in pop culture.”





~ by vanityandpride on December 4, 2008.

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  1. Great dresses, they really so look like something a beautiful Disney princess character would wear!

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