Twilight News No. 5

Soon this series of posts will have to become “New Moon News”, but not until after I have seen Twilight myself.

  • Golden Compass Director To Helm Twilight 2?     “Twilight made truck loads of money and because the highest opening weekend box office take of any film directed by a woman in history. Yes it met with some critical abuse… but when the film makes big money that usually doesn’t matter. So last week the studio and Hardwicke jointly announced (rather suspiciously I might add) that Hardwicke would not be returning to the sequel do to a scheduling conflict (yeah right). So ever since then the question has been… who will direct Twilight 2?”



  • Chris Weitz on getting the Twilight gig: The secret translation     “What he said: “When I saw the film of ‘Twilight’ … I was struck by the extraordinary passion for the characters, story and theme that was evident in the people sitting in the seats around me.”               What it means: “I saw the film in a real movie theater, not in my agent’s screening room.””


  • Twilight star “keeps a low profile”     “I’m pretty low-profile. I can go out I don’t ever get recognised by anybody.”                                                                                                                  “But Kristen feels she is different to her character. “The point of her is she’s like the generally relatable character, you project yourself on to her,” she said. “I guess if I was to put myself into this position it might be a little bit different but she’s very sure about everything she feels and thinks.””


  • ‘New Moon’ Casting News: Michael Copon, Ben Barnes push for roles in Twilight sequel     “Following last week’s dismissal and replacement of Catherine Hardwicke, this weekend began with a press release from Summit Entertainment officially appointing “New Moon” director Chris Weitz to the job. Suspicious in its omission of Taylor Lautner, the release seemed to all but confirm Twilighter whispers that Hardwicke won’t be the last “Twilight” talent replaced before the sequel.”


  • Twilight author ‘not like Rowling’      “It’s really flattering and everything but the Harry Potter phenomenon is something that’s not going to be repeated,” she said. “It’s lovely that people think there is any way to compare the two of us. We [she and JK.Rowling] are both female and wrote a book so there are some comparisons but other than that I don’t really see it.”


  • Twilight Star Talks Soundtrack     “Knowing that Pattinson has never made his music available to the public, we asked Hardwicke how she persuaded the 22-year-old actor to allow his songs to be used in the soundtrack. The director looks jokingly nervous – “I don’t want him to throw anything at me!” – as she begins to explain: “I would keep hearing that after shooting, Rob would play songs he’d written to other members of the cast. I would say, oh I’d really love to hear your stuff. Rob would always be, oh I’ll bring you a CD tomorrow. Okay, where is it?” She laughs, “Never would he let me hear it!”
    Hardwicke then tells how Pattinson‘s castmate Nikki Reed, who plays fellow vampire clan member Rosalie, sneakily gave the director of Thirteen and Lords Of Dogtown a listen: “Then finally, I heard a little bit on Nikki’s computer. I said, oh Rob why don’t you come to my friend’s house and record a few tracks, whatever, who knows where it could lead. So we went over to my friend’s in flip flops and shorts to a house on Venice Beach.”
    She continues: “The guys laid down, I guess, six tracks, and we took them and played them against scenes in the film, and there were two scenes I just loved, where Rob just, you know, killed me in the film.””



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