I finally saw Twilight!


I saw Twilight yesterday.  Here are my thoughts:

  • The casting was very good.  Kristen Stewart (Bella) was better than I expected her to be and ended up being very similar to how I pictured her when I read the book.  Robert Pattinson (Edward) was what I expected and my expectations were quite high.  The other Cullens (Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz) were also convincing and I liked them all even though some of them weren’t what I had imagined.  I would particularly like to mention Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) because every time he came on screen I thought “He’s so cool!”  I really got that he was struggling with being a “vegetarian” vampire and somehow he was really funny.  Billy Burke (Charlie) was perfect and Sarah Clarke (Renee) was also good, although I would have preferred if she was a little younger.  Cam Gigandet (James), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) and Edi Gathegi (Laurent) were all also good, especially Gigandet because again although he wasn’t what I had imagined (e.g. I thought James had short, dark hair), I really liked him.  Bella’s school friends were great as well (Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Christian Serratos, Gregory Tyree Boyce, Justin Chon).  The only two people I had much of a problem at all with were Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Gil Birmingham (Billy Black).  They were both good actors so it was just the way they looked that bugged me.  To me, Jacob was supposed to be younger and have shorter, wavier hair and Billy was supposed to be older and somehow more threatening.  My best friend, who I saw the movie with, commented that she had always pictured Jacob with blonde hair even though she knew he was Native American.  This is a bit more extreme than the picture  had in my head, but it helps to reiterate my point that the Blacks weren’t quite right.

 bellaandedwardThe CullensJames, Victoria and LaurentJacob and Billy Black

  • My best friend also commented that Robert Pattinson looked constipated for the first part of the movie, which I think is a good way of putting it.  It didn’t annoy me much, though, because I thought that there was really know other way for him to look when Edward was supposed to be all confused and angry that he can’t hear Bella’s thoughts and that he is having trouble controlling himself.  It would have been hard to portray.

 Moody Edward

  • The little Stephenie Meyer cameo was funny.  If you had blinked, you would have missed it and I think I lot of people did.


  • Edward’s sprakling in the sun was badly done.  I know that Twilight had a relatively small budget, but I really think they could have done better.  I had always pictured the sparkles to be coming from under his skin, in the same way that you can see some of your veins through your skin, rather than just looking like he was wearing a stack of glitter.  The other special effects were a bit dodgey as well.


  • I didn’t like those bits that were added in for the movie much, but I can definitely understand why they were there.


  • In some ways I wish that the movie moved a little more slowly like the book does, but I again I can see why they didn’t do that.  Edward and Bella barely had time for all of the arguing they are meant to do.  Maybe they could have made an extended version for DVD release?


  • The soundtrack was disappointing.  After hearing that it was Linkin Park, Muse, Robert Pattinson etc., I thought it was going to be completely awesome.  It was all of those things as well as some others and it was OK, but it definitely could have been better.



  • I really liked that they showed the Cullens killing James.  The way that scene abrubtly ended was something that annoyed me in the book, but in the movie it was really well done.


If I think of anything else later, I’ll add it.  Please comment and tell me your thoughts.

If you want more images from Twilight, there are over a thousand at Flixter.

We also saw Quantum of Solace yesterday, so I should be doing a post about that soon, too.

~ by vanityandpride on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “I finally saw Twilight!”

  1. I loved the movie & couldn’t have imagined a more perfect Edward Cullen than Robert Pattinson. I fell in love with Edward Cullen, oh my, he is a beautiful misunderstood soul. Hmm, it is funny how you mention it but I love Jasper. I think he was the most good looking person in the movie; however, after reading about Edward’s character, I was already in love.

  2. I totally agree about Robert Pattinson and, as I said before, Jackson Rathbone really was great. He made the character of Jasper really interesting.

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