Who is The Stig?

People have been wondering about The Stig’s true identity ever since TopGear became really popular.  This Telegraph article lists Perry McCarthy, Damon Hill, Julian Bailey, Ben Collins, Darren Turner and Allan McNish as possible candidates and I have also heard Lewis Hamilton’s name suggested.

I’d be really annoyed if I actually found out who The Stig is, because there would no longer be any mystery and the magic would be lost.  I also think that over the years that at least a few different people have acted as The Stig; I doubt one driver would have wanted to do it that long and I swear that his size has varied.

Who do you think The Stig is and would you want to know for sure who he is if you could?

~ by vanityandpride on January 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Who is The Stig?”

  1. […] a bit dissapointed; I really didn’t want to know. At least Ben Collins can get some credit for his driving […]

  2. […] Revelations about The Stig I’ve always thought that the Stig must have been played by at least a few different people over the years.  I thought my idea was shot-down when the Stig was found out to be Ben Collins.  The way many of […]

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