I finally read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

Warning: SPOILERS!


I can now safely read anything on the internet without getting spoilers for books in the Twilight series that I have not yet read.  Yay!


Twilight series


I can’t say what I thought about each individual book because all four have now become one in my mind.  I can say, however, that I loved them all.


This may sound odd because of the thickness of the books in the Twilight series, but one thing I would have preferred is if they had have been a little longer, especially Breaking Dawn.  It could have dwelled a bit longer on Bella’s new found abilities as a vampire and I wish that the confrontation in the clearing with the Volturi had turned into a full-blown battle.  After all of the build-up to the battle, it was disappointing that they didn’t all spring at each other and fight hand-to-hand.  Maybe some people were relieved when the Volturi left, but in my head none of the important people; none of my favourite characters, were ever going to die anyway.  There would have had to have been a few casualties to make it believable and these the Cullens would have mourned for, but then everyone would have recovered and got on with their eternal lives.


The very last part of the book was a bit too abrupt as well.  It seems like that part should have been longer or there should be another book or two after it.  Here is what Stephenie Meyer said on the subject (from www.stepheniemeyer.com :


Why did you decide to end the saga?

The Twilight Saga is really Bella’s story, and this was the natural place for her story to wind up. She overcame the major obstacles in her path and fought her way to the place she wanted to be. I suppose I could try to prolong her story unnaturally, but it wouldn’t be interesting enough to keep me writing. Stories need conflict, and the conflicts that are Bella-centric are resolved.


What are you going to do next? Will you continue with the Twilight universe?

I think I need a break from vampires. At this exact point in time, I don’t feel like I will go back to Forks. However, I also don’t feel comfortable with telling people what I had planned for further novels. Maybe part of me is protecting those secrets because I’m not ready to leave my vampires behind. Or maybe it’s just habit from five years of compulsory secrecy. I’m sure it will be a while before I figure out which one is the real reason. Things will probably be clearer after I’ve been away from the stories for a while.

I really enjoyed working on The Host, doing something totally different, and I’d like to have that experience again of starting a new world from scratch. I have several other stories that I’ve been waiting to work on. At this moment, I’m torn between two, but I’m planning to commit to one of them very soon.


I wish the Twilight series could continue … it could skip a few years from where Breaking Dawn finished and start up again with Renesmee about to mature.


Something else I was wondering about was Midnight Sun.  Here is what Stephenie Meyer has said about it.  I really hope it does get published.


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