The New Doctor Who

I only recently started watching Doctor Who (that is, recently in the long-running world of Doctor Who) because I realised that David Tennant is in it and that he is completely awesome.  This means that I have never known anyone other than him to play that role.  I was a little sad when I first found out that David Tennant was leaving (When was that?  It feels like a long time ago, but I don’t know…) but I am pleased to learn that Matt Smith is going to be the new Doctor.

His IMDb list is quite short, but I recognise his name and face as having a connection with the majority of those things on that list.  I liked him in The Sally Lockhart Mysteries, but haven’t actually watched any of the other things; I’ve just seen the ads.

According to IMDb, he is “the youngest actor to be cast as the Doctor in the British sci-fi series, ‘Doctor Who’. The youngest had been Peter Davison who was 29 when he was cast in 1981”.

It will probably be a long time before any of the Doctor Who episodes with Matt Smith are aired in Australia because they haven’t actually started filming yet and four one-hour specials with David Tennant to go!


~ by vanityandpride on January 19, 2009.

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