When is Robin Hood coming back and what is happening in Season 3?

I’ve been wondering when Robin Hood (the BBC TV-series) is coming back for a while.  This article says “Robin and co are now likely to bounce back onto our screens around March-April time” but that’s for the UK.  What about Australia?  I hope it won’t be too long.



This article discusses the show’s direction for Series 3 and Series 4.


This article about Unforgiven mentions Robin Hood. 

     “She added that she has now been commissioned by the BBC to write a new series of Robin Hood – series four, which will be screened in 2010.
“I have written for children before and am really looking forward to it. My boys are really excited too and keep giving me ideas for storylines and what should happen to the characters. There will also be a new Robin announced after Jonas Armstrong leaves but we don’t know who yet, so I am looking forward to seeing who that will be.
“I have always loved the legend of Robin Hood though and am now reading lots of books on medieval history to get me in the mood.”


Continuing the show when so many of the cast, including the main character, are leaving seems really odd to me.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.


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