Australia’s Misplaced Patriotism

Firstly, happy Australia Day!

Australian Flag

Secondly, this post was inspired by this post.  Go read it or this probably won’t make sense.

I know I couldn’t name any more than two or three Australian scientists and the same goes for all the other sorts of ‘heroes’, except for actors, musicians and of course, sports people.

We seem to always push the same things forward when we talk about what is great about Australia.  Things like vegemite and in some ways again, sport, are regarded a bit too highly.  It’s a bit sad to think that these things are what Australians value most about their country.  I think we should find some other things that are great about Australia (there must be some!) and give them some attention too.


~ by vanityandpride on January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Australia’s Misplaced Patriotism”

  1. i love australia so much, i just don’t get this new frenzied flag waving fad. it just doesn’t really seem like us. i have a feeling generation y might have borrowed this kind of patriotic fervour from the US.

    i’m glad i inspired somebody… thanks for linking to me. 🙂

  2. Yes, I think we admire America’s patriotism (which we have seen alot of recently with the election and inauguration) and want to shout our love for and belief in Australia as loudly as they do about their country.

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