Movie News 31/1


  • New ‘Sex and the City’ movie is a go    My first reaction to this was ‘Another one?’.  I’ve never watched the SATC TV show or the movie and maybe I would like it if I did, but I really don’t think so.  I would’ve thought they’d just leave it alone now.  It’ll be interesting to see how successful it is anyway.


  • Brendan Fraser switches gears in ‘Inkheart’     “Inkheart,” which opens Friday, is based on the hit novel by German author Cornelia Funke and directed by Iain Softley (“Backbeat,” “The Skeleton Key”). It’s a movie about books: As Funke’s millions of readers know, Fraser’s character, Mo Folchart, is a “silver tongue,” a rare reader who can bring characters out of books while — unfortunately — sending others in. He and his daughter, Meggie (Eliza Hope Bennett), have been on the run for years, looking for the one book that will enable Mo to retrieve Meggie’s mother from the pages in which she’s trapped and send some unsavory literary criminals back where they belong.”       Go read the rest of it as well – it’s worth it.


  • Connick, Zellweger in ‘New in Town’     “In Connick’s latest movie, the fish-out-of-water comedy “New in Town,” he plays a union rep in a small Minnesota town who battles an ambitious young corporate woman (Renée Zellweger) sent from Miami to downsize the town’s main industrial plant. Much comic mileage is gotten from Zellweger’s clash with Minnesota ways, and there are, as you’d guess, romantic sparks between the two principals.”  This article includes an interview with Harry Connick Jr.  More about New in Town here


  • Craig lands role in Tintin movie     “British actor Daniel Craig, best known for playing secret agent James Bond, has signed up to play the villain in the new Tintin movie.  The 40-year-old has landed the role of Red Rackham opposite Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell, who will play the intrepid young reporter Tintin.  Filming for The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, directed by Steven Spielberg, has already begun.  Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Mackenzie Crook will also appear in the film.”     I’m looking forward to this one! 


  • Fox agrees to step in on next ‘Narnia’ movie    “Twentieth Century Fox has agreed to co-finance the third movie in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series, pending approval of the final script and shooting budget. If all goes as planned, Fox and Walden Media, which controls the movie rights to C.S. Lewis’ classic children’s books, hope to be begin production on “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” by late summer so it will be ready for holiday 2010 release.     





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