Faux Denim Tights – am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with this?

I got the Supre newsletter in my inbox today (I don’t know why I ever signed up for it, but if it keeps delivering this kind of stuff, there’s no way I’ll be unsubscribing).




Faux denim tights?!   I don’t understand why anyone would want these, especially at $45.  Surely if you want an item of clothing that looks like jeans, you buy jeans, not tights that look like jeans.  Real jeans are going to be much more flattering than “faux denim tights” and, if you get ones that fit well, they are going to be comfy too.

My other problem with this is that, these “faux denim tights” are encouraging the leggings-worn-as-pants phenomenon.  Can anyone honestly tell me that they think that the outfit above would look good on them?  Furthermore, does anyone think that the outfit above looks good on the model?  Sure, she still looks pretty, but don’t you think she could look a whole lot better?

In conclusion, please don’t buy yourself a pair of faux denim tights!


ETA: Just clicked further www.supre.com.au and discovered this:

Supre Twilight competition


I find it funny that just because the T-shirt has a picture of a dream-catcher on it, it is considered a “funky American Indian tee”.  I also find it funny that they seem to think that this means the T-shirt has a strong association woth Twilight.  Would any Twilight fan buy this just because of that?  I don’t know, maybe they would.  I’m not bagging out the shirt (I actually think it’s quite nice), but I just think its hilarious the way they market things.

Anyway, warning:  Don’t buy this tee and faux denim tights combination on the chance that you might get Twilight and the Twilight soundtrack as well.  If you really like the T-shirt or you want the book or CD, buy them yourself, by themselves, but again please do not, under any circumstances, buy the those tights.


~ by vanityandpride on March 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Faux Denim Tights – am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with this?”

  1. I really do like that shirt, nicest stuff i’ve seen come from supre, ooh except a shirt I got the other day, it was just fabulous, (and that’s a complement considering my very strong dislike for anything supre) it was black, and had “i kissed a vampire and I liked it” Now that is a true twilight shirt 🙂
    Wouldn’t that one make more sense for the ad?

  2. Yeah, you’d think so. BTW I like that shirt too. For anyone who hasn’t seen it here’s the link: http://www.supre.com.au/(1septkbzmmvkssycbxr2um55)/ShopOnline/Product.aspx?pid=2&cid=86&sku=16073&ct=Cart. It’s actually quite clever. Well done Supre, for once!

  3. I don’t agree with LAP (leggings as pants) either. There is a great pic illustrating well on my page 🙂

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