House 100th Episode and Free Content

When last week’s episode of House aired, which just so happened to be the 100th episode, Ten advertised free videos you can watch on their website.  I watched all of them and they’re not bad.  There are some good interviews there, and in a couple of them they talked about how the Lupus Foundation love David Shore, because of how often it is mentioned in the show and his treatment of the disease.  Here and here are some articles that talk about the same thing, both with quotes from David Shore.

On, other favourite videos of mine are the two with Jesse Spencer, where he talks about Australia, Neighbours and moving to America.

Before now, I had never actually watched anything on there, but I think I will again in the future.  I hope they put more House stuff up, especially interviews and behind-the-scenes kind of stuff.  Bloopers would be great – they’re my favourite part of the special features on the DVDs.


~ by vanityandpride on March 9, 2009.

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