Star Trek (2009)

This is the eleventh movie to be made in the Star Trek franchise and the first one I’ve ever seen.  I haven’t even watched any of the TV epsiodes before and no matter how hard I try, I cannot do the Vulcan sign without bending my fingers forward or holding them together.  Sadly, I am not a Trekkie.

But with all of the buzz surrounding this particular movie, I really wanted to to see it and I did a couple of weeks ago (I know; I’m a long time getting to it).

Star Trek

I liked this movie a lot.  It looks great, it’s funny and as far as I can tell, stays pretty true to the TV series and previous movies.  The plot is interesting, but I can’t say I understood everything that was happening somewhere around the middle.  It may have just been me and I’m sure I’ll get it all on a second viewing.

I loved the cast!  Many of the actors were unknown to me before Star Trek, but now I think I’ll be looking out for them, especially Zachary Quinto (Spock).  Of the actors I had heard of, Simon Pegg (Scotty) and Eric Bana (Nero) stood out to me.  Pegg was funny, as expected, and Bana was just good, which I didn’t expect (I’ve never really warmed to Eric Bana and I have no idea why).  It was nice to see Jennifer Morrison (Kirk’s mother) and Winona Ryder (Spock’s mother), too.

I say, go see it at the movies while you still can!

~ by vanityandpride on May 29, 2009.

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