Replacing Bella with a cheesburger

I love this!

“Hang on spider monkey!”

This guy actually doesn’t make a bad Edward, and James’, Laurent’s and Carlisle’s wigs are hilarious.

~ by vanityandpride on May 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Replacing Bella with a cheesburger”

  1. That was seriously better than the movie!!
    The acting was really cool, that guy sounded like carlisle, and edward was awesome, lol super duper cool!!

  2. Hi, you wrote a comment about a singer named Bobby Long on my blog at the beginning of April! I guess I have forgotten to read comments in ages. Thanks for posting it! I’m really glad you liked his song! He’s got some new songs up on his MySpace, so I hope you check them out.

    I LOVE Twiight & the commentary is hilarious! I especially love the cheeseburger line. And the “I’m a superhuman moron” one. 🙂

  3. Thanks for commenting LadyJane. I’ll have a look at those songs.
    Twilight lends itself to jokes and spoofs so well. It’s great to begin with and then there is so much fun you can have with it as well.

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